Thankful, grateful, blessed with a side of cheesy potatoes


Happy Thanksgiving!

When I said I was starting a blog for my DIY’s that doesn’t mean I’m just limited to repainting and home decor, right?

This is my first year hosting Thanksgiving at our new house (I have no idea what I’m doing truthfully) and I decided to take the stress off myself a little bit by reaching out to my mom and sister to bring a few dishes to help me out. My all time favorite dish (anytime) is cheesy potatoes. Wow, a cheesy potatoes recipe DIY is making a debut on my second blog post (that’s how important they are in my life). This recipe makes about 15 servings.

The Goods:

9’ by 13’ glass pan, lightly sprayed with Pam

30 oz. thawed hash browns

1 cup milk

2 cans cream chicken/mushroom condensed soup

1/2 cup sour cream

2 cups shredded cheese (I love cheese)

2-4 tablespoons melted butter

Sprinkle salt and pepper, garlic or chives

If its your thing add a small onion (I will if I’m not wearing makeup so I don’t cry off any mascara).

I buy the frozen hash browns, (if you make yours with real potatoes, please reach out and let me in on how that’s done!) and let them thaw out a bit, this trick will help so they aren’t so watery!

Combine milk, condensed soup, sour cream and cheese together in a big bowl and spices too, I use my mixer. Next add in hash browns. Once all combined pour into your sprayed dish and pour melted butter over the top.

Cook for 1 hour uncovered at 350 degrees, and eat! Yum!

I truly hope everyone is surrounded by family and love today. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly looking forward to my food coma and especially thankful for my oversized sweater today. Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. here’s a super fun way to serve your guests drinks during the Holidays! Our awesome rustic cooler was gifted to us for a wedding present hand crafted by Mike Bley out of Wauneta, Nebraska!


And it’s so practical!

-My Cedar Chest

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