Christmas Decor Tips and Tricks!

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We can start decorating for Christmas now, right? Well, I am. What are a few of your favorite items to set out during the colder months?!

Here’s my DIY winter decorating colab!


-Do not be afraid, I repeat DO NOT be afraid to add lots of texture during the colder months. This brings a warmer feeling into your home.

-Drink peppermint/cinnamon flavored coffee and listen to Christmas music while decorating – get the creative juices flowing.

-In past years decorating I have had people ask me how I keep my “everyday” decor items and mix them with whatever season I’m in. This can be challenging since I love lambs ear, and mixing it with cotton and pine isn’t the easiest for winter, but honestly just roll with it. If it makes you happy, do it. And don’t think twice about it. Don’t be confused though, I do put away most of my lighter green items.

-Add red. Which is hard to believe I’m even suggesting red because usually my colors of choice are grey/white and wood. But during Christmas red brings a comfort feeling. Add red (plaid) pillows or signs with red writing.


-Hide lights wherever you can, I prefer small string lights with a battery but any will do. Also, use timer lights if they’re in your budget this season. These lights are especially amazing if you have open soffits like us! If your microwave is mounted above your stove check in the cabinet above it to see if you have a plugin, if so add a small hole on the top of the cabinet to plug in and pull your lights through.

-Buy candles that smell like winter and hide them in cute jars/containers.

-Add a wreath or your kids school projects to the front of your top kitchen cupboards with command hooks. Command hooks aren’t damaging and super easy to remove so they’re perfect for the job!

-If you don’t have a fireplace like us, use your staircase railing to hang your stockings. To cover up where you hang them, add long greenery all the way down the railing. so cute!

-Add a push button extension cord to your tree for easy access to turn on! Amazon has them for a whole $6.96!

Hopefully some of my tips and tricks from experience help you out this holiday season! If you have any, please comment and let me know how you conquered your decorating!

-My Cedar Chest

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