Happy Pawlidays!


I first need to apologize for being MIA the last couple weeks as my entire life has been completely altered – we are now proud puppy parents of two English Cream Golden Retrievers!

Here’s the full story – I’ve been wanting a puppy for a really long time, I had his name picked out, his breed, even toys and treats in my cart on my amazon account just waiting to be purchased. I had been in contact with many breeders around the Midwest, but little did I know my husband had already went and picked out a puppy from a litter in Kearney! I think he panicked a bit when I told him we should go look at a few because then I probably would have wanted to bring one home and the surprise would have been totally ruined. I came home from work one day, and there was the sweetest little puppy I had ever seen just hanging out in my kitchen! He came a little earlier than expected – but I was over the moon in shock that I finally got my little Wesson puppy! 

Wesson at 8 weeks old!

A week after bringing Wesson home my husband and I had plans to take a trip to Las Vegas with my sister and her husband as well as some friends. This trip had been planned for months, plane tickets bought and hotel booked so there was no getting out of it! During our time in Vegas we became aware that Wesson’s brother was still available for adoption after many families fell through. How do you say no to that?!  So now we have sweet Smith! 

Smith at 10 weeks old!

Everyday we are learning new tricks to be better puppy parents, so help us out with a little advice! 

  • Have you ever raised two puppies at once?! 
  • What is your best advice for us during training?!
  • Would let them sleep in bed with you?!
  • What’s your pups favorite brand of food/treats?!

Happy Pawlidays! 

-My Cedar Chest