Spice and Everything Nice!

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Christmas is great, right!? Time with family and friends, good food, but most importantly I get a week off of work so I’m a pretty happy camper! 

I’m super excited to share my Christmas present DIY with everyone!

I know I know, this is a little late considering Christmas is over, but I had to wait until after present giving because I gave both my dad and my brother-in-law these cute spice ornaments for Christmas gifts this year! So don’t forget about it next year! 

I was in Hobby Lobby trying to strike an idea of something I could find/make my dad for his new shop he built on their farm, he mentioned putting a wood burning stove in for warmth and keeping the heat costs down so I contemplated buying a small Cast Iron Skillet he could cook something up quick in without having to head back to the house, but instead I came across a totally different idea walking down the 66% off Christmas items aisle!

I found these cute globe ornaments (pack of 6) originally $5.99 but got on sale. So super cheap! I also bought the gift box to put the ornaments in on sale! Score! 


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I decided to put dip mixes, meat seasoning and a popcorn flavor in mine. I found a few on Pinterest and mixed a few of what I thought sounded good also! I collected a bunch of spices from our local Super Saver – I read a lot of recipes that mentioned only using McCormick spices because of different grits, but I didn’t have a problem with this! To fill the ornaments I used a super small funnel and layered my spices to make them look fun! Tip: while filling ornaments don’t tap your ornaments on the counter to get the spices through the funnel faster! I did this, totally shattered one of my ornaments!

I was going to attach the spices I used for each one but I honestly kinda played with what I liked in my dips so there’s really no perfect way! If anyone is super interested I can try to send you exact spices I put in mine and how much! Pinterest and Google are great places for spice ideas! However here’s the spices I put in my ornaments! (Try to come up with some fun names for them too!)

•Spicy Fiesta Dip

• Dilly Dill Dip!

• Italian Dip or Meat Seasoning

• Cheddar and Butter flavor for Popcorn

• Best Bacon Dip Ever!

•Ranch Dip

•BLT Dip

I also added a little piece of foil to the top so that none of the spice mix would spill out of the top since it’s open a bit. To hide the foil I tied a bow around the top with a little twine since I have a ton of it laying around my house but ribbon would be really pretty and easy too.

I layered tissue paper and crinkle paper on the bottom of the box to give a little protection to the ornaments and also look fun! I wrote little cards to go with the spice name and what to mix with to make dip super good as well as directions!

To finish you’ll need a paper punch and tie around each ornament according to the correct spice ornament!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ❤️🎄

-My Cedar Chest

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