Farmhouse Table for Four

I grew up on a farm in a small town (the population sign reads 411), so naturally I’m attracted to the farmhouse feel.

When my husband and I moved into our first home (a home in the city that is) I really wanted to bring our farmhouse roots back. Here’s my how to DIY farmhouse table.

Our table is a high top with four chairs, I got so excited over this project I forgot to take a picture of the chairs before I gave them new life.

I sanded everything down really well, wiped with a wet rag and painted 3 coats of my Martha Stewart paint (which I purchased from Michael’s with a 40% off coupon). Let each coat dry before adding another, obviously. After I had the texture I wanted on my table I used a sanding block, 2 different grits and distressed randomly on the legs of the table and all 4 of my chairs. I used a spray Poly to set everything since it will get lots of love being a dining room table (I also did a Matte Poly on the top to give it an old dull texture, but you can totally do a shiny top if that’s your thing!)

Lastly, I drug my hubby to Hobby Lobby (he says it’s his worst nightmare) to pick out a fun fabric for my chair seats. I’m a plaid lover so instantly I was drawn to it, but ultimately I wanted something a little unique, so I went with two different fabrics. I left the old fabric on the seats (they’re comfy so I didn’t feel the need to insert stuffing) and used a staple gun to attach fabric to the seats, make sure to pull tight on fabric (this is key!). We screwed the seats onto the chairs.

 I added a pretty centerpiece and boom our DIY Farmhouse Table was a success!

-My Cedar Chest

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