Throwback Tuesday!

Happy New Year! I can hardly believe it’s 2019! I have been DIYing for a few years now, and it’s time to look back at one of my very first projects I ever took on!

I found this black entertainment center on Craigslist when I first lived on my own in college and I needed a few furniture items for my apartment. I’ve always been super close with my dad and he never batted an eye at helping me, so we jumped in his blue pickup and off we went to pick it up!

Once we got it back home and into dads shop, he helped me make it sturdy again (one of the legs were broken off), he always helped me construct some awesome doors!

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures since this was one of my very first projects, many years ago, probably 5-6 years ago!

So here’s the part you’ve been waiting for, how’d I do it, right?!

Originally the piece was black, I knew i didn’t want to keep it black so my mom helped me create a color, yes create a color! We mixed greens and hints of beige with black and eventually I got a color I really liked! I painted the entire piece this green/grey color. Let’s call it Cluttered Green for fun. I did many coats of Cluttered Green and used Polly after!

For the doors, my dad helped me out with making some tracks that would provide the doors to slide back and forth as well as be able to remove the doors super easily (I was a college kid and anticipated to move around a lot!)!

Here’s the fun part! Are you ready?! I chose an off white to make the doors really pop! The plain white doors weren’t enough for me so I added a lot of texture with a huge distressed farmhouse look.

Are you paying close attention to this part?!

I first painted the doors the color I wanted to show through (the distressed part, in my case – brown)! Let completely dry! To achieve this excessive distressed look, I took my finger and wiped Vaseline over a few parts of the bottom color, then I painted over all the brown with the off white color, even the Vaseline! TIP: let dry for a day! This is important! Otherwise paint will flake off and not stick to your project!

The next day, I took an old rag and wiped off the parts where the Vaseline was placed. And just like that, a beautiful masterpiece!

I added handles to the doors and cut out the backing for cords to be placed through!

I did a spray Poly on the doors since I was afraid painting a Poly would bubble my project!

Edit: my mom is a pro DIYer and showed me this trick! Enjoy!

-My Cedar Chest

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