Little DIY, Lotta Jesus!


What better way to celebrate a snow day than a good ole DIY blog post!?

I can hardly believe January is more than half over. This year Connor and I have decided to set very real and challenging goals for ourselves and each other. Health and fitness goals, career goals and originally we talked about teaching our dogs cute tricks, but honestly at this point if we can get them to stop eating our furniture I’ll call that a win for the year! Our bedroom dresser, entry way bench and bar stools have all been victims of puppy teeth. Most importantly, we decided to invest in our spiritual walks. Sure, we pray together and for each other. But have you ever considered investing in intentional talks with your better half/spouse?

Learning to be intentional with our words and with our time takes lots of practice and you’ll probably fail the first few times, but just keep trying because it takes lots of, well…time. To follow Christ is one thing, but do you let him walk beside you each day? Do you know He is enough? Connor and I have decided to invest and trust Christ more this year. We decided to use our marriage and relationships with friends and family to give us leverage in speaking to our hearts on our daily actions of investing in Christ, knowing He is enough.

When Connor and I very first got married and moved in together, I pretty much cleaned out his belongings and brought mine in. But in doing so, I kept a few things I knew would come in handy later. Later is now.

He had a four canvas picture that was just awful and hung in his apartment above a bachelor cocktail table. I took it, hid it in the very back of the closet so he would eventually forget about it and when we moved into our new house back in November I found it while packing. I decided to finally do something with the canvases. I painted them white and created a hand drawn masterpiece!

To achieve this distressed look with one color, simple! Okay first, I painted my canvas white (it’s actually called Wedding Cake by Martha Stewart). Feel free to use whatever color you desire though! Tip: don’t wash out your paintbrush that you used as your color! Wrap in foil and set aside for later!

Next, I just drew on with a pencil what I wanted my canvas to say. If you’re not a master writer (I’m certainly not, I’ve had lots of practice!) you can always print a saying and trace on or use a cricket if you have one. Once I penciled in what I liked I took my famous sharpie and outlined all words in different thicknesses to have more parts stand out and this gives it a little texture too! By the way – this is the perfect time to try out your calligraphy hand! Because if you mess up – just paint over it and try again!

Lastly, I took my paint brush that I saved from earlier and held the canvas right side up and swept the canvas in a horizontal motion to get small amounts of paint over the entire canvas! This is great because it also hides any flaws that might be seen!

As I am reminded to “Be Still..” as a suggestion I can interpret it as a command from God to let him walk beside me, as well as my husband. To know He is enough, as long as we invest.

-My Cedar Chest

Healthy Journaling

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Did you know that journaling actually plays a positive role in your mental health? I figured this is the best time and place to open up about my own journey with mental health. The last 6 months or so I have struggled with anxiety and mild depression. After accepting the flaws I have – I decided I wanted to find healthy stimulates for my mental health. 

It’s so good to get emotions, feelings, whatever it may be off and out of your mind while having fun doing so. Journaling serves as a silver platter of stress relief, emotional support and light hearted fun. I started a bullet journal a few weeks ago to put science to the test (I’m kinda like myth busters!). I looked up so many ideas on Pinterest of positive vibes I could put on paper. 

Here are a few ideas for your bullet journal, or any kind of journal that appealed to me! 

  • Doodles
  • Verse of the day
  • Birthdays
  • Workouts
  • Favorite Foods
  • Mood Trackers for each Month
  • Our Puppy’s Firsts
  • My Christmas Wish List 
  • Books to Read/Movies to Watch
  • Calorie Counter
  • Goal of the Day/Month
  • Vacations

I purchsed my bullet (or dot) journal from Michaels for $5.00 – grey in color, of course. Although they have a varitey of colors and sizes. And attached is a couple bookmarks. It’s like 100 pages, actually I have no idea how many pages it is, I just made that up because it looks like a lot of pages to fill!

I’m still working on a list of my favorie pens to use. I did buy a few different brands including Sharpie’s, which are great for outlining colors but that’s about it since they bleed through to other pages. I tried out Faber-Castell Artist Pen, and I’m not a huge fan of it because it’s pretty thick and the end of the pen bends when I want small lines. So far, the best pens I have found (and they come in all sizes) are Millennium Zig pens. They’re especially great because the sizes are listed on the top of them! Highly recommend them! 

Oh yeah, journaling for your mental health isn’t just a myth! I would love to hear any feedback you may have! 

-My Cedar Chest